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There are so many key aspects of your business that require your attention, effort, and time. From determining a marketing strategy to attracting potential customers to boosting sales, each aspect is important and deserving of attention.

One aspect that is not only important but essential for a business is to ensure that your building is compliant with all laws, regulations, and guidelines that are required. You may be wondering, “How does signage factor into this element of my business?” Excellent question!

Did you know that the Americans with Disabilities Act requires all San Francisco businesses by law to have signage that caters to individuals with cognitive, visual, and hearing impairments? ADA signs are responsible for making your business an inclusive, welcoming space for anyone who may come through your front doors.

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Improving Your Business One ADA Sign at a Time

While there are guidelines that must be followed when creating ADA-compliant signs, there are several different kinds of business signs that target specific audiences that require assistance. When choosing ADA signs to install at your business, you do not need to only choose one kind! To cater to people with all sorts of disabilities or impairments, choose several types of signs.

The following are kinds that are available for selection:

Tactile signs

This type of signage requires tactile characters, which means raised characters to allow individuals to read them by touch. A common example of this sign solution is custom Braille signs, as Braille is also read by touch, making it tactile.  


Using the International Symbol for Accessibility (ISA), this type of signage uses images or pictures to indicate areas of importance, public resources, exits, stairwells, and so much more. Certain signs even require pictograms to make them ADA-compliant signs.

Directional/Informational signs

Provide individuals with directional assistance in a variety of ways to ensure they can navigate your business space, despite being unfamiliar with it. Whether you use arrows or images, this type of signage proves incredibly helpful.

Customized ADA Signs in San Francisco

Focus on User Experience

When discussing interior signage for a business, an important element to focus on is user experience. How will your business make people feel? Will the business be memorable in a positive or negative way? How can signage contribute to the space to make a user’s experience pleasurable?

While the common sign solutions to many of these questions are exciting, memorable, innovative interior signs, like illuminated lobby signs and wall murals, there is a simpler answer. ADA signs create a welcoming atmosphere for each person who enters your business, regardless of their abilities. Often the smallest details have the largest impact, and this type of signage is the perfect example.

Choosing a Professional Sign Maker

Given the importance of signage for your business, especially ADA signage, it is equally as important to work with a sign company that will exceed your expectations. At Signal Signs and Graphics, we specialize in custom signage that is high-quality, delightful, and impactful. We service Santa Rosa and surrounding regions, including San Francisco, Petamula, San Rafael, Napa, and more.

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