Custom Vinyl Banner Printing San Francisco

Banners are an eye-catching, impactful, and traditional sign solution that are used in many scenarios by businesses in all kinds of industries. The versatility they allow provides the freedom and flexibility to utilize them for different kinds of advertising, depending on your business goals.

Custom Printed Hanging Banners for Businesses

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The Right Banner for Your Business

While one type of banner may be right for one business, another may be the right choice for yours. Each business has its own unique set of goals and challenges, just as each type of banner has its own unique set of advantages. From its communication method to its aesthetic, it is important to learn what your options are to make the right selection. That’s what we are here for!

The following are examples available to you:

Fabric banners

Made from polyester or satin, this banner type is crease-resistant, vibrant, and machine-washable, which makes it easy to see and easier to maintain.

Vinyl banners

This custom sign solution is one of the most traditional types of banners, and it’s not difficult to tell why. Custom vinyl banners can be used indoors or outdoors, meaning they are extremely durable and versatile.

Pull-up banners

If your business frequents trade shows or conferences, this is the option for you! It is quickly set up and taken down, hence its name, and it can be transported easily, as it is lightweight and compact.

Pole banners

As this option is mounted on poles, they are very visible from both near and far. Don’t worry about obstructions, as they sit high above busy crowds for onlookers to see.

At Signal Signs and Graphics, our sign specialists are ready to lend a helping hand to decide on the perfect San Francisco banner for you. If you’re unsure what kind of banner will fit best at your business, we will discuss your goals and needs. This will allow us to provide recommendations perfectly curated to what you’re looking for!

Unlock the Potential of Banners

The following are the most beneficial aspects that your business unlocks when it makes the smart move to invest in banners:

Visual Appeal

As visual thinkers, humans are more susceptible to visual advertising than any other kind. As there is a very small window for signs to make a positive first impression and pique the interest of potential customers, banners are a perfect way to seize the opportunity and make the most of it.

Captivate Customers

Through vivid colors, bright graphics, and compelling lettering, our banner printing will prove useful for your business by demanding customer attention and increasing your sales.

Brand Awareness

The customization that we offer for your San Francisco banners allows you to seamlessly integrate your brand guidelines into your business signage. Not only will your signage be directly linked to your business, but it will also contribute to building brand recall amongst onlookers.

Customer Satisfaction

By providing important information to customers immediately, the satisfaction of the customer increases. The less they must think or seek out information, the more likely they will make a purchase or have a positive user experience. Choose the information you include on your banners wisely, such as store hours, current promotions, and new products or services that are available.


As this type of signage is relatively low-cost, your return on your investment is substantial. Not only are banners long-lasting, especially if they are maintained, but they are also impactful signs. This means that the advertising power they hold is unlocked when your business decides to invest in them, thus boosting your business in the long run.

Choosing Signal Signs and Graphics

If you’re looking for high-quality, impactful, and state-of-the-art banner printing in San Francisco, Signal Signs and Graphics is the place for you. From consultation to installation, our team is dedicated to delivering sign solutions that your business is proud to display. Their friendly, respectful approach to collaboration will show you that your business is in the best possible hands. We service San Francisco, as well as surrounding regions, such as Santa Rosa, the Bay Area, and the North Bay.

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