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Every business establishes themselves in their marketplace and industry with their name. It holds great power and responsibility, as it distinguishes itself from others, especially competitors, and holds the reputation of the business. Many signs focus on the business name, as it is so important, but the addition of graphics or more detail can make the sign difficult to read from far away. Finding the right sign for your business can be tricky, but not with the help of Signal Signs and Graphics.

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A Revolutionary Business Sign

If you’re looking for a custom sign solution that introduces your business confidently, can be seen from both near and far, and catches the attention of passersby in the San Francisco region, you’re looking for channel letters.

Channel letters are individual letters that are installed on or within your building to spell your business’s name. They are traditionally large and cut with the utmost precision, making them easy to see and read. They also positively contribute to the overall look of a business, as their matter-of-a-fact appearance displays professionalism and a clean aesthetic.  

Common places to see channel letter signs are on the side of large office buildings, manufacturing warehouses, or retail stores in high-traffic areas. These businesses choose this sign solution because it delivers their desired message to onlookers and clearly establishes their business’s place in its community. There is no question what business resides in a building with the use of channel letters.

Learn More About the Types of Channel Letters

From the materials used to create your channel letter signs to the illumination method chosen, there are many different types to choose from. Knowing what your options are is key to finding the option best suited to your business needs. You can always give us a call to speak about your options with one of our sign specialists, or peruse the following types:

Face-lit signs

Also known as front-lit signs, this kind of signage traditionally has acrylic faces with illumination projected onto the face of the letter.

Back-lit letters

While this option is merely the reverse of face-lit letters, it provides a more elegant illumination, as the light frames the letter profile in light. The light being projected can be any color, which allows you to include subtle branding.

Specialty letters

While this type of business signage is a bit vague in terms of what it entails, that is the beauty of it! Specialty letters can be a combination of two traditional forms of illuminated channel letters, which offers you the best of both worlds.

Take Your Signage to the Next Level

At Signal Signs and Graphics, we pride ourselves on listening closely to our clients and delivering sign solutions that not only meet their needs but exceed them. From consultation to installation, your experience with our friendly, communicative team will be delightful. We lead with trust and openness, which ensures that our clients, vendors, and community know they are in the best possible hands.

We service San Francisco and surrounding regions, such as Santa Rosa, and we are ready to help you ‘signal’ to the world that you’re open and ready for business. Connect with one of our sign specialists to book your initial consultation today.