Electronic Signs

Electronic Signs

Are you looking for a marketing strategy that increases customer retention, reduces long-term marketing costs, and embraces the advances made in the signage industry?

Welcome to the digital age! Electronic signs are gaining popularity amongst competitive businesses that are looking for the next best thing in marketing. While the utility of business signage has not lost its effectiveness, the method of displaying your branding, messages, and business is shifting to accommodate the technological advances we have made.

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What is Electronic Signage?

Electronic signs are digital displays that are placed in high-traffic areas to promote a solution, product, or service that a business has to offer. They are visible at all hours of the day, eye-catching for everyone, and allow businesses to display multiple advertisements, either at a time or on a rotating schedule.

As technology advances, so can your marketing techniques. Why not utilize the many advantages digitization has to offer for your business’s marketing? From increased customer engagement and impressions to multi-faceted advertising, digital signs offer your business avenues that are not possible with print signage.

If you’re looking for a new way to engage customer attention and boost your business in the San Francisco region, electronic signs are sure to offer you the advantages you are looking for. At Signal Signs and Graphics, we believe in finding the perfect digital sign for your business, based on your goals, challenges, and vision.

Unlock the Potential of the Digital Age

While they require an investment that are not seen with other, more traditional custom sign solutions, electronic signs unlock so many benefits for your business that are exclusive to them, such as:


Did you know that digital displays capture 400% more views than static signage displays (Webinarcare, 2023)? The more effective your signage is at capturing the attention of passersby, the more likely they will interact with it or remember it once they look away.

Brand Awareness

Projecting images and text that encompass a business’s brand has always been a key element of signage. However, digital signs introduce the possibility of videos or multiple images, providing a new way to capture attention and deliver brand messaging. Also, digital signage has a 47.7% effectiveness on brand awareness (Webinarcare, 2023).


While printed signage must be replaced when information is outdated or no longer the desired message a business wants to be delivered, digital signage does not. The programmable digitals of images, text, and videos can be altered at any point, as it is all controlled electronically.

Increased Exposure

Placing a digital sign in a high-traffic area and including a multitude of images increases the chance of your signage being seen, as well as the number of people it will make impressions on.

Reduced Design Costs

Why invest in a highly priced designer when you can import pre-existing graphics, videos, or images that are perfectly aligned with your brand guidelines? Many businesses have invested time and effort into their brand graphics, which is why creating something new is not necessary all the time.

Customer Engagement

64% of businesses who use digital signage indicate that increased customer engagement is the main benefit of it. Many customers are attracted to digital signage, as they often provide important information, interactive experiences, or personalized services.

Save the Environment

By removing many manufacturing steps, there is a reduced amount of expenses and waste related to paper, ink, and recycling. The operational costs associated with digital signs are also significantly less than traditional sign printing.

Choosing Signal Signs and Graphics

While the advantages of digital signs are consistent, not all signs are made the same, which is why we are eager to lend you a helping hand. At Signal Signs and Graphics, we don’t believe in a “one size fits all” approach. This is why we work closely with our clients to create signage that is high-quality, innovative, and unique to their business needs.

If you’re ready to get started, give us the ‘signal’! Reach out to one of our sign specialists to book your free consultation or to ask any additional questions.