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San Francisco Fleet Wraps Design and Installation

Are you looking for an advertising strategy that will boost your business by reaching a wider audience?

Did you know that vehicle advertising generates between 30,000 and 70,000 impressions each day (3M)?

Unlike other signage methods, where customers must travel by them and be captivated, fleet wraps are particularly effective because they do the traveling. The addition of graphics to vehicles makes them stand out and attract attention in a multitude of places, which widens your reach across the San Francisco region. If you have company vehicles, this sign solution is the perfect option to take your business to the next level.

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Why Fleet Wraps?

While fleet wraps can seem like a large investment of both time and money, they are becoming one of the most effective types of marketing for businesses. The following reasons explain why:


Take your advertising on the road with commercial fleet wraps. As opposed to investing in a static billboard, invest in a billboard on wheels by outfitting your company vehicles in branded vinyl wraps.

Brand Awareness

Your brand is the key aspect of your business that makes you stand out from competitors and garner attention.

Customer Attention

In a survey, 64% of participants said that they noticed vehicle graphics (3M). This is because the bright colors, loud graphics, and untraditional car aesthetic demands attention on the road from drivers and while parked from passersby.


Fleet wraps offer consistency, as it is possible to outfit multiple vehicles in identical graphics with our sign printing services. Tell a story, introduce your branding, or offer important information cohesively across all your vehicles.

Promote Always

Whether your vehicles are on the road or parked in a lot, they are continuously advertising your brand. You can even add reflective graphics that are visible on the road at night.

Target Your Audience

Americans spend, on average, 20 hours on the road each week (3M), whether they are commuting to and from work, helping to drive their kids around, or heading to exciting activities. This time is a great opportunity to catch their attention with vivid fleet graphics.

The Perfect Choice for Your Fleet

The shape and size of your vehicles are important factors when deciding on the type of fleet wraps for your business. Each type of vehicle has its own nuances and amount of space for graphics to be applied. The following are examples of vehicle wraps that are available:

  • Food truck wraps: As food trucks are both a method of marketing and the business in itself, this type of wrap is essential. While driving and static, this form of advertising generates attention, brand recognition, and customer curiosity, especially if you include contact information and catering offerings.
  • Full wraps: Transform your company vehicles completely with full commercial fleet wraps. From head-to-toe, your vehicles will be marketing machines for your business.
  • Partial wraps: Not ready to fully wrap your company vehicles? No problem! Choose the areas that are most visible to onlookers, and we will apply individual wraps to those areas. Your vehicles will still be eye-catching and effective, but you don’t have to commit to a full wrap.

Your Go-To Sign Company in San Francisco

At Signal Signs and Graphics, we understand the importance of generating attention and leads from your signage, which is why we encourage fleet wraps. We are ready to create the perfect mobile advertisement for your business that will make impressions all over San Francisco, from Santa Rosa to the North Bay.

Our team prides itself on delivering high-quality, innovative sign solutions that represent your business accurately. We will provide you with the right maintenance information to ensure that your fleet graphics stay vivid, bright, and impactful. 

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