Illuminated Signs

Illuminated Signs

Customers experience advertising all day, every day, as businesses attempt to catch their attention and influence buying behaviors. Signage is one of the main ways that businesses go about this, as it is an effective and impactful marketing strategy. Not only do signs account for 50% of a start-up business’s customer base, but it also ensures that 35% of all consumers even know your business is present (Gaille, 2017). For a business to stand out, it is important to find a sign solution that sets you apart from other businesses and is extremely visible to onlookers.

The perfect solution is illuminated signs. With a touch of light, this type of signage is seen from near and far, at all hours of the day, by nearly everyone who walks or drives by. It offers versatility, durability, and creativity through all aspects of the sign, which makes it a great option for both indoor and outdoor signage.

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Custom Illuminated Signs in San Francisco

Experience the Business Potential of Illuminated Signs

Without a doubt, lighting makes your business stand out. Regardless of the time of day, adding illumination to your signage ensures that your business is seen by passersby no matter the lighting conditions. Visibility is a valuable marketing tool, as many customers will walk right by your business if they do not know you’re there or open to their business.

When outdoor lighted signs are made well, like they are at Signal Signs and Graphics, they offer a level of prestige to their business. The clarity and appearance that light offers signage creates a professional, chic aesthetic that is very classy and elevates your business.

Signage is one way to stand out from other businesses and draw customer attention. The addition of LED lights is sure to turn heads towards your business, and thus away from your competitors. Similarly, as visual branding is one of the most important aspects of distinguishing your business from others, incorporate it into your illuminated signs seamlessly through color and graphics.

Learn More About the Types of Illuminated Signs

Whether you’re looking for outdoor lighted signs to attract potential customers or indoor lighted signs for your business to create a memorable atmosphere, we have the right sign for you!

With so many lighting and sign options, the process of picking a sign can be overwhelming. That’s why our sign specialists are ready and waiting in San Francisco to provide you with recommendations catered to your business needs. Prior to our consultation together, check out some of the available options below:

Front-lit signs

Lights illuminate the front of the letters that spell out your business name or logo, which makes it visible at all hours of the day. Choose a custom color to highlight your branding!

Reverse lit signs

This sign solution uses light to illuminate your sign from behind, creating an impactful look similar to a halo.

Lightbox signs

Also known as illuminated cabinet signs, this option is the most common illuminated sign. It can be used as a storefront sign or a monument sign, as it is eye-catching, durable, and excellent to identify your business.

Indoor display signs

Make your business memorable by adding a lighted sign to any common area or high-traffic space. Customize your sign to integrate your branding through color, font, or sizing to encourage brand recognition and a cohesive environment.

Choosing Your Preferred Sign Maker

If you’re looking for a high-quality, innovative, and communicative sign maker in Santa Rosa, you should check out Signal Signs and Graphics. We are a full-service sign company that takes pride in delivering sign solutions that businesses are proud to display. We service the San Francisco Bay Area including the North Bay and Napa.

Using a consultative approach, we work closely with our clients to learn about their business needs and goals, so that the illuminated signage we create exceeds their expectations and brings their vision to life.

Give us the ‘signal’ if you’re ready to get started by giving us a call to book your free consultation.