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Menu Boards for Santa Rosa Restaurants

Menu boards may be more crucial to your business than you realize. Beyond listing your offerings, menu boards can effectively convey your brand message and persuade customers to purchase more. At their best, menu boards motivate quick and confident purchasing decisions, enhancing customer experience and boosting your income. Achieving this requires a provider who understands the science and strategy behind impactful signage. That’s where Signal Signs and Graphics comes in.
Signal Signs and Graphics is your ideal partner for creating menu boards that combine tasteful design with maximum impact. We focus on quality and detail, ensuring every client receives a product that exceeds expectations. We tailor your menu boards to fit your business’s needs, market, brand identity, and budget.

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Updatable Menu Boards

Signal Signs and Graphics offers versatile write-on menu boards made from various materials, including chalkboard, whiteboard, ceramic, glass, and dry erase boards. Whether you need menu boards for table tops, walls, ceilings, or A-frames, we provide options that match your establishment’s personality and enhance its appeal. Updateable menu boards are an efficient and effective way to showcase your changing menu items.

Cost-Efficient Menu Board Options

As a full-service signage provider, Signal Signs and Graphics offers economical solutions for displaying your menu. Some cost-effective materials include vinyl, coroplast, acrylic, and aluminum. Choose from full-color vinyl prints, transparent boards, hanging signs, backlit menu boards, and more. Our durable yet affordable options ensure your menu boards can be updated regularly without breaking the bank.

Dynamic Digital Menu Boards

Digital menu boards, also called electronic menus, are a popular option for many new establishments. Signal Signs and Graphics offers a wide selection of high-quality digital menu boards, including monochrome, colored, indoor, outdoor, single-line, multiple-line displays, LCD, LED, and projection signs. Many digital menu boards allow you to customize content with photos or videos, providing a dynamic and engaging customer experience.

Full-Service Sign Company

Signal Signs and Graphics is a trusted name in the signage industry, specializing in high-quality menu boards that align with your brand message, target market, and budget. Our team of engineers, graphic designers, project managers, and signage specialists are ready to guide you through the entire process.

Free Consultation on Menu Boards

Looking for a local provider specializing in menu boards? Signal Signs and Graphics in Santa Rosa is here to help. Our team of artists and technical experts will share their knowledge and insights as you explore the menu board options we offer.