Monument Signs

Monument Signs

If you’re looking to make a bold display with your signage, there are countless avenues that you can explore. However, only some pathways have sign solutions that offer both the captivating qualities of traditional signs and the structural design that stand out amongst all others.

Monument signs combine graphics and architectural designs to establish a professional and beautiful look for your business in the Bay Area. As there is more than meets the eye, this type of signage offers you more than just its good looks. Important information can be displayed for pedestrians to see, such as a slogan, hours of operation, navigational assistance, and much more.

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Make a Statement with the Perfect Monument Sign

Choosing a monument sign could be an overwhelming process if you didn’t have the team at Signal Signs and Graphics providing you with all the support you could need. From recommendations to quotes, we will help you find the perfect sign solution that caters to your business needs and goals.

The following is a basic breakdown of the monument sign options available to you:

Single building monument signs

If your business is a stand-alone building, this is a great option for you.

Multi-tenant monument signs

From malls to office buildings, multiple businesses can be present in the same building, which can make advertising tricky. With a multi-tenant sign, your business can make sure its name is easily seen among your competitors.

Pylon signs

The main benefit of this option is its height. Sitting anywhere from 20 to 80 feet in the air, pylon signs are visible to onlookers near and far, especially in traditionally hard-to-reach areas for advertising, such as highways.


Whether indoor or outdoor, directories are a great way of assuring your potential customers are in the right area and providing them with any additional information needed to usher them through your front doors.

Illuminated monument signs

Looking to add a “wow” factor? Illuminating your signage is a fantastic way to increase its visibility, both logistically at night and in an eye-catching way for passersby.

Unlock the Potential and Reap the Rewards

While choosing monument signs can be a big decision for some companies, we hope that all the benefits you unlock will show you why they are worth the investment. Take advantage of the following rewards for your excellent marketing decision:

  • Increases visibility to pedestrians and motorists.
  • Boosts marketing by targeting passersby.
  • Weather-resistant and long-lasting.
  • Multi-purpose tool to deliver multiple messages at once.
  • Helps by providing navigation.
  • Incorporates branding to fuel recognition.
  • Flexible design allows you to represent your brand.
  • Inspires sales 24/7.
  • Establishes your place in your San Francisco
  • Enhances business exposure.
  • Makes a positive first impression on potential customers.

Your Preferred Monument Sign Company in Santa Rosa

At Signal Signs and Graphics, we do not just deliver sign solutions that are curated to your business and exceed expectations, but we also lead with a consultative approach that allows us to build a trustworthy and communicative relationship with our customers.

Our team leads with honesty and respect, as we strive to be more than sign makers to your business. We want to be your signage support system, so you know your business is in the best possible hands.

If you’re ready to get started, give us the ‘signal’ today to book your free consultation.