Neon Signs

Neon Signs for Business

Are you looking for a way to illuminate your brand’s identity? Do you want to let your business shine? Signal Signs and Graphics is here to help. As experts in signage solutions, we understand how important it is to have captivating visual displays, which is why we can create and install electrifying neon signs in San Francisco’s local areas!

Our custom signs are built to evoke emotion, create ambiance, display information, and leave a lasting impression. Our neon signs offer a truly unique solution for businesses that are looking to achieve these goals and provide a mesmerizing and vibrant sign to represent their brand.

Custom Made Neon Signs in San Francisco

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Exploring Neon Signs

These signage solutions are Illuminated signs that are created using long, thin glass tubes that are filled with gas and electrified to produce a vibrant glow. They have been used for decades by businesses large and small, as they give off a sense of nostalgia and a retro feel that people love.

What are the benefits of using neon signs in San Francisco?

Unparalleled Visibility

Their bright and colorful illumination captures attention, day or night, and helps your business become a landmark in the local area.

Instant Recognition

The distinctive glow creates a memorable image for your business. With their unique aesthetic appeal, they can help establish a strong brand identity.

Enhanced Atmosphere

They have the power to transform the ambiance of any space. Whether you want to create a retro vibe, a modern edge, or a nostalgic atmosphere, neon signs can set the mood.


Our signs are built to last, providing long-term value for your business. With proper maintenance, they can also withstand various weather conditions.

How to Use Your Neon Signs

So, you want a neon sign, but you’re not quite sure how to implement it? Check out these handy tips below for you to take note of:

  • Make a bold statement with a custom neon sign adorning your storefront. Highlight your business name, logo, or a catchy phrase.
  • Give your inside space some excitement by creating a neon accent wall, a glowing menu board, or a captivating art installation.
  • Give your events an extra edge. From weddings and corporate events to product launches and trade shows, neon signs can add a touch of glamour.
  • Transform your window displays into captivating works of art! Promote a sale, showcase new products, or create an eye-catching visual display that will grab people’s attention.
  • Give your customers the perfect backdrop to snap memorable photos and share them on social media! This will increase your brand’s reach and visibility.

Signal Signs and Graphics Is Here to Help

We know how hard it is for businesses to stand out, which is why our team works closely alongside you to understand your brand’s personality, goals, challenges, audience, and messaging. We want to create truly captivating neon signs that reflect your vision, get your message across, and help you achieve all of your business objectives. From Santa Rosa to San Francisco, we have got you covered!

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