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As the use of signage for companies evolves to incorporate digitalization and new methods, there is one traditional method that has not lost its effectiveness: wrapping vehicles in vinyl that is designed to brand a business and hitting the road.

If your business has company vans, this is the perfect opportunity to discard static signage and choose van wraps, a sign solution that will do the traveling for you and make tens of thousands of impressions every day. Did you know that any vehicle wrap makes on average 30,000 to 70,000 impressions per day (3M, 2023)?

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Commercial Van Wraps in San Francisco CA

Reap the Rewards of Van Wraps

Vans are an excellent vehicle to wrap, as they are commonly large, which offers a lot of surface area for the designs and graphics that you may want to include. Van wraps provide an eye-catching advertisement that targets more individuals by moving around various areas of San Francisco, thus introducing more people to your business.

When people see your beautifully wrapped van driving by or parked on the side of the road, they won’t be able to stop themselves from looking. This offers your business the opportunity to make a positive first impression and pass along the way for them to learn more, whether it’s a phone number or website name.

Travel in Style with your Choice of Van Wrap

Every business has unique goals and challenges, which creates a particular approach towards advertising. As a top-notch sign company that services many regions of San Francisco, we know that finding the right vinyl wrap is imperative to the success of this sign solution for our clients’ businesses. We work closely with each of our clients to ensure we find the perfect option that combats their challenges and helps them to accomplish their goals. We help them choose from the following van wrap options:

Full Wraps

Completely transform your company vans with a full wrap, as it covers every visible paint surface in vinyl.

Print Wraps

They use a white vinyl film that has a printed design on it. You can choose the colors or designs that are printed on it to match your branding!

Commercial Van Wraps

This cost-effective option is traditionally done for commercial vehicles. From company designs to logos, commercial van wraps focus on covering the main areas of your company vans with branding.

Partial Wraps

Not ready to dive headfirst into full wraps yet? Not a problem! Choose the area that you think is most impactful or most visible and add your advertising to that area, such as the hood, roof, or trunk.

Your Trusted San Francisco Sign Maker

At Signal Signs and Graphics, we specialize in the design, manufacture, and installation of custom signage for all kinds of businesses. Using a consultative approach, we develop sign solutions that will exceed your expectations every time. Our team is dedicated to learning more about your business, so that they can innovatively incorporate it into your van wraps and display your brand proudly.

If you’re ready to transform your company vans, give us a call today to book your free consultation, so we can get the design process going.