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Commercial Vehicle Graphics San Francisco

Are you looking for a new, efficient way of advertising your business? Do you have company vehicles that travel around the San Francisco area and beyond?

Did you know that vehicle graphics result in 30,000 to 70,000 consumer impressions per day (Webinar care, 2023)?

This effective form of marketing is a vinyl wrap that is applied directly to any vehicle. It can be customized with graphics, text, or images that represent your business, garner customer attention, and advertise your products or services. As vehicles are mobile, your advertising becomes mobile as well, traveling around various areas of San Francisco, from Santa Rosa to the Bay Area. This means your target audience is widened, as well as your marketing reach, which increases the number of impressions you make daily.

When people are driving or walking, they will be compelled to look at a captivating, vivid graphic that drives by or is parked on the side of the road. Your commercial vehicle decals can pique the interest of onlookers and influence their behavior to investigate your company, especially if you’re providing the solution to a problem they have.

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Rack Up the Rewards from Vehicle Graphics

To gain the most from your vehicle graphics, it is important to understand what they can offer your business. Check out the following benefits that your San Francisco business can unlock if you choose this sign solution:

  • Increase brand recognition.
  • Widen your advertising reach.
  • Demand potential customer attention.
  • Protect the original paint on your company vehicles.
  • Transform your vehicles into marketing machines.
  • Increase your business impressions daily.
  • Avoid the mundanity of static signage.
  • Customization options are endless.
  • Vinyl is weather-resistant, durable, and versatile.

Learn More About the Types of Vehicle Graphics

Choosing the right kind of vehicle graphic is dependent on numerous factors, such as the kind of vehicles your company has, the number of vehicles you’re looking to wrap, or the customization you’re hoping for.

The following are a few examples of the kinds of vehicle wraps that are available in the San Francisco region:

Full wraps

Completely transform your vehicle with a full wrap. This option provides you with the space to include larger graphics and more detailed information to truly compel onlookers to check out your business.

Partial wraps

Start small with partial wraps while still making a big impact. Choose the most impactful, visible areas of your vehicle and customize your graphics to optimize them!

Food truck wraps

Food trucks act as not only its business store, but also its key form of advertising! With captivating vehicle graphics, food trucks would be able to advertise their food products 24/7, as well as other important information, such as catering information or hours of operation.

Truck wraps

As most trucks have two large, side panels, these vehicle graphics end up acting as mobile billboards. This means that your graphics are large, easily seen and read, and very effective.

Your Go-To Sign Company in San Francisco

If you’re looking for impactful, high-quality commercial vehicle graphics, it is important to find the right sign company that can assist you. As a full-service sign company, Signal Signs and Graphics should be your go-to for all your signage needs.

Not only do we deliver sign solutions that are catered to our clients’ individual business needs, but we also strive to exceed any expectations through our excellent customer service, communication during the signage process, and the rapport we build with each client.

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