Vehicle Wraps

San Francisco Vehicle Wraps & Graphics

Are you looking for a way to widen your marketing reach? Do you have company vehicles that travel around Santa Rosa and surrounding San Francisco regions? Vehicle wraps are an excellent way to elevate your marketing strategy.

A vehicle wrap is a vinyl covering that is applied directly to a vehicle to transform it into a marketing machine. With eye-catching graphics, vivid colors, and specific business information, your company vehicles will become magnets for consumer attention both on the road and while parked. The mobility that this form of advertising offers is unmatched, and it will take your business to new heights.

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Take Your Advertising on the Road

Regardless of the kind of vehicles your business has, we have the perfect kind of vehicle wraps for you!

The following are some of the options available to your San Francisco business:

Full wraps

Transform your entire vehicle with a full-body vinyl wrap! This option allows you to include more detail, information, and graphics that showcase your brand’s personality to the fullest extent.

Partial wraps

If you’re looking for an opportunity to try vehicle wraps or optimize their visibility, you can choose specific areas of your company vehicles to be wrapped, as opposed to wrapping the entire vehicle.

Fleet wraps

Does your company have an entire fleet of vehicles that can be used to upgrade your marketing strategy? With fleet wraps, we can duplicate your graphic design for each vehicle and have them all be identically branded. Enhance your branding with a cohesive image driving around Santa Rosa.

Food truck wraps

Depending on the type of vehicle that your company has, we have the perfect wrap for you. Food trucks are an excellent way to promote your business while on the move, and your advertising doesn’t stop when the vehicle does!
If you’re unsure what vehicle wrap is best for your company vehicles, one of our sign specialists will discuss our options with you during our free, initial consultation.

Elevate Your Business with the Benefits of Vehicle Wraps

Upgrade your business by unlocking the following benefits when you choose to outfit your company vehicles with vinyl vehicles wraps:
  • Build your brand: With this type of signage, your company vehicles become mobile billboards, which is the perfect opportunity to showcase your branding. The more consumers see your brand, the more familiar it becomes.
  • Temporality: Alter the personality of your company vehicles to match your brand without the commitment of a full paint job, which is often difficult, time-consuming, and permanent. Vehicle wraps can be made for temporary use, which means they can be removed at any point.
  • Widen your reach: The mobility of your advertisements extends your target audience to surrounding areas of San Francisco. While most signs are static and require consumers to walk by them, this form of signage travels to your consumers.
  • Longevity: The vinyl covering that is used for this form of signage is durable, which means it can withstand any wear and tear a car may experience over many years.
  • Personalization: Vinyl provides a high level of versatility, which means you can customize your vehicle wraps. From color to font to the areas of the vehicle you would like to be wrapped, the sky is the limit.

Finding the Right Sign Company for Your Vehicle Wraps

If you’re looking for high-quality, innovative, and impactful vehicle wraps in San Francisco or surrounding local regions, such as Santa Rosa, Bay area or the North Bay, look no further than Signal Signs and Graphics! Our sign Company provides exceptional customer service to businesses of all sizes and in all industries.

We pride ourselves on working closely with each of our clients to ensure that they receive sign solutions that perfectly embody their brand and bring their vision to life. If you’re ready to get started, so are we!

Give us a call today to book your free consultation or to discuss your desired vehicle wraps in more detail.